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Welcome to Carla Savannah's Spray Tans

Professional Tans for Classy Women!

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Welcome to Carla Savannah's Spray Tans

Want to look sexy and toned this summer? Carla is a Certified Professional Tan Technician and Trainer for over 9 years, offering only the finest quality organic Spray Tans. Voted #1 Spray Tanner in Perth and in the Top 5 Best Spray Tanners in Australia according to

At Carla Savannah's Spray Tans we have a variety of tanning products to suit various skin types, for all occasions. So whether you're looking for a natural glow for a wedding or school ball, or a dark Chocolate Brazilian tan for a holiday or stage show we'll be able to help. 

  • $35 per Spray tan
  • Organic products, paraben free, hypoallergenic, alcohol free and Australian owned
  • Heated or Cooled Roomfor your comfort depending on weather
  • Child friendlyenvironment with TV and Toys
  • Home based Salon with parking at the door perfect for the wet winter months
  • OR Get a Mobile Tan in the comfort of your own home with mobile services available
  • Quick, even application within 5 mins
  • Tan can be washed off 1 - 4 hrsafter application (depending on the depth of colour you desire)
  • Tan lasts 6 - 10 days
  • Loyalty cardsavailable get 1 FREE tanevery 7 spray tans

Products Available

  • Mine Violet and Coconut base Products
  • Moroccan Violet base

Preparing for your tan

  • Try doing all shaving or waxing 24 hours before your tanning appointment.
  • Exfoliate well before your tan appointment. Remove all left over tan. 
  • Do not to apply any moisturisers, deodorants or other products that could create a barrier for your new tan on the day of your tan appointment.
  • Wear loose dark clothing. A disposable G string or cap may be supplied if necessary.

Maintaining your tan

  • When the time comes to wash off your tan, rinse lightly with cool/warm water only (not too hot and no soaps). 
  • Pat dry with a towel and moisturise well. 
  • Remember the DHA in most tans continue to develop over 24 hours, so only then will you see the full true colour of the tan. Also for this reason don't do any shaving, waxing, heavy sweating, swimming or exfoliating within the first 24 hours of tan application.
  • Be sure to moisturise daily after showers as this will ensure that your tan looks smooth and fades evenly.

Spray Tans and Pregnancy
There’s no scientific studies or proof that spray tanning effects the pregnancy or an unborn baby. I Spray tanned all the way through my pregnancies and I was doing an average of 40 spray tans per day and my children turned out fine. That being said I always offer the ladies a mask for most of the tan and I only remove it when I’m about to do the face to make the ladies feel more secure. I’d take more precautions if a pregnancy was within the first 12 weeks as this is still a time of risk for miscarriage for all Women no matter what.

Note: If you intend to go out in the sun within the first 24 hours after a tan application be sure to wear a good sunscreen as your skin may be more likely to burn. :-)

All Spray Tans are paid in advance as no bookings are made without payment. To book email Carla Now to negotiate a time, alternatively If you need to book in future please join Carla Savannah’s Spray Tans for clients only group on facebook to select from the available times, stay updated and see specials. 

To pay for a Spray Tan 'already arranged' with Carla use PayPal or pay with a credit card use PayPal check out option. No refunds available once payment is made.


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